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Introducing Zepbound, the new weight loss medication that has recently been approved publicly by the FDA November 2023. Formerly known as Mounjaro, this medication is originally designed for diabetes treatment but has been found to be effective in aiding weight loss as well. Zepbound is manufactured by Eli Lilly and is now available for those looking to shed excess pounds. With increasing demand for the drug, the Mounjaro factory is working hard to meet a 300% increase in production.

Zepbound is a revolutionary weight loss medication designed to help individuals achieve their fitness goals. The key ingredient, Tirzepatide, acts by mimicking hormones that stimulate insulin release, reduce appetite and increase feelings of fullness. By targeting two hormone receptors, GIP and GLP-1, users can experience significant weight loss results. Zepbound is a safe and effective option for those looking to shed unwanted pounds and improve their overall health and wellbeing. With regular use, Zepbound can help you achieve your weight loss goals and improve your quality of life.

 Say goodbye to excess weight and try Zepbound today.  If cost is an issue we have Tirzepatide.

MedGalore Aesthetics & Wellness Weight Loss Plan can help you reach your weight loss goals. You are going to love the results. It is that good!

LaTondra Barker, DMSc, PA-C

LaTondra Barker PA-C of MedGalore Aesthetics & Wellness is our lead PA who has the goal of empowering others through passion and excellence. LaTondra Barker is a board certified PA with over 27 years clinical experience who utilizes a personalized and customized approach who will listen to your concerns. She will advocate for you and help you reach your goals.