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Best way to Lose Weight

Healthy Weight Loss is Momentum towards Health with the GLP-1.

GLP-1 Medications such as Wegovy,  Ozempic,  Semaglutide, Rybelsus, Mounjaro, and Tirzepatide

If you are one of the millions trying to lose weight then you are not alone. According to Gallup, from 2016-2021 over 55% of Americans have tried losing weight. Over the years, Americans have steadily gained weight with the average male weighing around 200 pounds and the average female weighing around 163 pounds. These averages are not endemic to the U.S. because globally 45% of adults desire to lose weight.

As Americans’ lifestyles have changed over the years, and 25% receiving no physical activity, obesity rates have increased. The lack of physical activity has led to increased levels of chronic diseases like diabetics, heart disease, hypertension, and in some cases cancers. The increase in obesity and chronic conditions highlight the need for sensible weight loss to benefit one’s overall health and wellness.

So, what is the best way to lose weight? Most often exercise is the number one method used by adults for weight loss. Researchers have found that people who successfully lose 30 pounds or more and maintain it off for at least one year have four essential habits. For starters, over 90% of successful weight-loss individuals exercise at least 1-hour per day; 78% eat a healthy breakfast daily; 75% weigh themselves daily; and 62% watch less than 10 hours of T.V. per week. One component of an effective weight loss program is increasing the levels of physical activity while reducing the caloric intake and sedentary lifestyle.


There are newer medications that are very helpful and require a prescription. Medications such as Wegovy,  Ozempic,  Semaglutide, Rybelsus, Mounjaro, and Tirzepatide have all proven to be very beneficial. These newer medications such as Wegovy,  Ozempic,  Semaglutide, Rybelsus, Mounjaro, and Tirzepatide will help support sustainable weight loss and all the additional benefits of weight loss.  Additional benefits including but not limited to improved blood pressure, diabetes, depression, sleep and so much more.

Studies reveal that a successful weight loss program can include a combination of customized pharmaceuticals, non pharmaceuticals, customized meal plans, healthy lifestyle management,

and supportive weight management. The goal of a successful weight loss program is to continuously celebrate the progressive momentum towards a healthy lifestyle while achieving the healthy targets.

Weight loss management is a nonjudgmental journey towards health and wellness to support a healthy lifestyle. Weight loss must be managed in moderation to ensure overall wellness to encourage a positive weight loss process. Weight loss is a positive goal towards enhancement of healthfulness to encourage a healthier and more vibrant you.

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LaTondra Barker, DMSc, PA-C

LaTondra Barker PA-C of MedGalore Aesthetics & Wellness is our lead PA who has the goal of empowering others through passion and excellence. LaTondra Barker is a board certified PA with over 27 years clinical experience who utilizes a personalized and customized approach who will listen to your concerns. She will advocate for you and help you reach your goals.

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