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Closet Cellulite: No Need to Hide Anymore

One size does not always fit all when it comes to the perfect body types and figures. Throughout history for males and females our body shapes and forms have morphed with cultural standards, environmental factors, physical influences, and lifestyle norms. As society has advanced and transitioned from an agricultural and industrial to technological environment our levels of physical engagements have shifted too. The average commute in the U.S. according to Ridester (2022) is 52 minutes per day resulting in the average person spending over 4.5 hours each week in a vehicle.

The challenges associated with reduced levels of physical activity can impact and influence one’s feeling and confidence to feel and look their best. For example, many individuals are concerned and even self conscious to wear a bathing suit or swimming trunks in the summer due to things like weight gain and cellulite. Thankfully, our societal norms are changing with more full figured individuals proudly dispelling the myths that one size fits all. Look at pop artist, Lizzo, who has helped to proudly transcend the acceptance and love of one’s appearance even with cellulite. Lizzo uses full figure dancers for her show and they unabashedly display their beautiful figures, cellulite and all.  

So, what is cellulite? What causes cellulite is unknown, it is an association of connective tissue resulting in lumpy dimpled flesh on the thighs, hips, buttocks, and belly. It impacts all body forms and types with over 80-90% of women, 10% of men, and even babies experiencing some form of cellulite. The present of cellulite does not signal a problem. It is categorized by the various stages from (Stage 1) Mild- (orange peel-less dimples), (Stage 2) Moderate- (cottage cheese-mild dimples), and (Stage 3) Severe- (mattress or lumpy skin) reflective of the severity.

So, what can be done to improve and enhance the skin conditions with cellulite? It can be improved some with lifestyle modifications like exercising, elimination of tobacco, and healthy diets of reduced fats. There are a growing number of treatment options from wave therapy, laser surgery, subcision, and vacuum-assisted precise tissue release with none of these methods being confirmed with scientific research.

So, what is the good news in trying to manage cellulite? According to the International Cosmetic Science Journal over 80% of participants experienced a measurable improvement in the reduction of cellulite with the application of twice daily for a six week period of a cellulite cream with caffeine. The positive is a caffeine based cream offers some remedy to the aesthetic and visual appearance of cellulite.  

Thankfully, MedGalore Aesthetics and Wellness Center do have options and there is no need for cellulite to stop you from being and living your best self. The goal is to support your inner self love and never let something hold you back especially when you have a potential visceral remedy like a caffeine cream. Even so, go live your life, because you could be the next gift that the world needs to hear. It is time to come out of the closet with cellulite and hide no more.                                                    80% applied cellulite cream with caffeine twice daily for six weeks and experienced a visual and measurable improvement of cellulite.”  

The good news: experts have found that caffeine is able to facilitate the breakdown of fat by stimulating enzymes that do just that. Additionally, caffeine has been shown to temporarily constrict blood vessels. Constricting blood vessels decreases blood flow, reducing the appearance of inflammation or, essentially, smoothing the skin.

The great news: a small study conducted in 2015 showed that 80% of participants who applied cellulite cream containing caffeine twice a day for six weeks reported visual and measurable improvement of cellulite – Yes 

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